Insecure Little Rat

Insecure Little Rat is a short film project produced by SHIFT, Dance. Arts. And Media. Ratcliffe Fink, otherwise known as Rat is a man who tries but never quite gets what he wants. He, like most human beings is always trying to figure out how to create balance, and be happy in life. The original screenplay is by Montanette Murphy, and the Director of Photography is Andrew Cashin, and last but not least, our Audio supervisor, Melody Jones. SHIFT, is a multi-arts production company that creates a space for artists to collaborate on Dance, Visual Arts, and Digital Media.

Soli Factory

Sound Consultants of SHIFT Media

SOLI Factory serves local musicians and organizations with high-quality sound and audio works through professional sound design and audio consulting services. They also work with voice actors, film directors and production companies as post audio engineers.